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It was started by 2 guys, Patrick Daly and Harold Tramazzo, who didn’t like the direction that restaurant food was headed. Most places that served the food they loved (wings, ribs, etc) were just reheating food that was cooked in a factory somewhere. They decided to do something about it.
Since building and finishing a dining room was extremely cost prohibitive, they decided to deliver their fresh, hand cooked wings and boneless wings to people and let them eat it at their own home. It turns out they learned two things:

– People, especially college kids, loved the idea of having wings delivered to them
– Not too many places in the country were doing this yet.

Things began to grow pretty quickly with many success and some failures. Even though the company goal was to be the best and not necessarily the biggest wing delivery place in the country, there are almost 30 stores today and growing. Thanks to the help and dedication of many employees and franchisees there’s a chance there is a wings opening near you soon!


For more information regarding Wings Over, head to their official site here.